About Us

Beautiful Battle’s origins began in Autumn 2004 when a resident suggested planting 3000 daffodil bulbs. Tony funded a plan which, with local help, he executed with military precision. Station Road in Battle was selected to be the first beneficiary of the ‘Beautiful Battle touch’ to enhance a main entry to the town for visitors.

Over the years, Beautiful Battle continued to take on neglected areas of Battle and transform them into small floral gardens. Containers, tubs and hanging baskets were added. Beautiful Battle forged a lasting bond with Battle Town Council and now works closely with the BTC ground staff and the Town Clerk's Office.
The Town Council entered Battle into the RHS Britain in Bloom competition and BB has managed the entries competing right up to the present winning a multitude of golds and silver gilts.

In 2009, Beautiful Battle was awarded the Queen's Award for Volunteers by the Lord Lieutenant. In 2012, Beautiful Battle created a new garden to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

Beautiful Battle has over 100 members and up to 20 dedicated volunteer gardeners. Their work is sponsored by 50 local businesses, Associations and Individuals.  Battle Town Council is the major contributor for the management of the Almonry and Abbey Green.