Restoring Almonry Rear Garden

The main Almonry building underwent considerable renovation and internal structural changes over a two year period.  During that time, Beautiful Battle's volunteer gardeners were unable to enter the front or rear gardens. The building contractors  were unsympathetic to the gardens and stored scaffolding, planks, bricks, tiles, etc,. on the lawns and flowerbeds.  Towards the end of 2022, BB gained access to the front garden and later to the rear garden.  The front garden has been cleared of weeds and overgrown plants and is being replanted.  The rear garden has been cleared of weeds and ivy.  Shrubs, along the lower wall, have been pruned to 8 foot.  Leaves in the pond have been removed and work has been started on the upper bed.   Plans have been discussed with Council.  The original plan included dividing the upper terrace into three beds with brick paths between. However, the Council have advised that funding is being prioritised elsewhere and there is little to none available for restoring the rear garden.  The restoration is further hampered by areas cordoned off in way of the chimney that has been deemed unsafe.  Given these constraints,  BB gardeners will clear the area of weeds and dead plants. Old roof tiles, glass and metal objects left by builders will be cleared away and the upper terrace levelled in preparation for turf at some stage in 2023/24 when funds available.  A bed will be created along the top of the partition wall.  The Council have decided to plant lavender and Boscobel roses there.  It is understood that the Battle Twinning Association will locate a sandstone memorial globe in the centre of the upper terrace thereby dedicating the rear garden to one of their former members.
In April 2024, BB gardeners gained access to the lower garden and have commenced clearing weeds and leaves.  The council has contracted for repairs to the curved steps and the loggia.  These areas are cordoned off till work completed.

Almonry Rear Garden

Upper Terrace before building work

Almonry Rear Garden

Lower Garden before building work

Almonry Rear Garden now

Progress on the Almonry garden February 2023

Rear Upper Terrace

Rear Upper Terrace

Rear Lower Terrace

Front Garden

April 2024

Work started on clearing weeds and leaves from lower garden.

Dividing wall between upper and lower garden.

Upper terrace which will eventually be put to lawn.